About Us


‘Reach for the Stars’ puts across our distinct philosophy of total care, supporting parents and their children to achieve their hopes, aspirations and dreams. It conveys our belief that good parenting, combined with professional care from an early age, engenders positive self-worth, awakens our children’s talents, and provides genuine opportunities forthem to realise their vision.

With over 14 years of experience in providing  exceptional childcare  to families within South London, we believe that every child can be empowered to live a happy, healthy and productive life by enriching their childhood with a mix of education and play, building confidence as they are nurtured and prepared to assume responsibility for their life choices.

Through a safe and nurturing environment, we provide a a welcoming and caring atmosphere, where each child has the opportunity to demonstrate their creativity, stimulate their intellect, express their emotions, learn basic socialisation skills, sharing, positive companionship and healthy decision-making as they interact with their peers.

Our well qualified, caring and committed staff  have created a stimulating environment where your child’s first experiences of nursery school is an exciting place to be. This exciting place offers a variety of experiences which allows the children to develop their own interests and a love of learning through play.

Our Vision
To promote the well-being of every child within our care and to empower them to live happy, healthy, safe and rewarding lives.
Our Mission
Working together to maintain exceptional childcare standards which provide genuine opportunities for children to reach their full potential.
Our Purpose
To provide the young children with a welcoming, secure, happy and stimulating environment, in preparation for their transfer to infant school.

“…supporting parents and their children to achieve
their hopes, aspirations and dreams.”