Our Staff

At Ministars we are committed to the safety, security and well being of each child. Our fully qualified, caring, experienced, and enthusiastic Early Years Practitioners are trained to listen and communicate in a non-judgmental way, with clear polices and standards to ensure consistency of care.

On commencement of employment all staff receive core training in Safeguarding Children (Child Protection) and First Aid. They also regularly attend both external and in-house training. Through this, we are able to keep abreast of current issues and individual training needs are identified through their regular supervisions.

Key Persons

We promote regular communication between parents and their child’s key person. Parents are encouraged to talk openly and confidently to their child’s key person about any remarks made concerning their child. Each child has their own Key person who is responsible for:

  1. helping them settle into MiniStars,
  2. forming a good relationship with them,
  3. understanding their preferred learning styles and interests,
  4. supporting and tracking your child’s progress,
  5. forming effective, friendly relations with parents/carers,
  6. keeping parents/carers informed on their child’s progress and well-being.

Your child’s key person spends quality time with your child observing their interests and development level. When you collect your child at the end of their session a member of staff will tell you about your child’s day. They will give you information about nappy changes, meals and sleeps.

Our Staff are trained in First Aid and Child Protection. They attend courses throughout the year to update their training in keeping with the current issues and new legislation.