Policies and Procedures

Policies and Procedures

You will be issued with our Policy Document. Everyone using our nurseries must abide by the policies that are in force. Staff, parents, children and visitors all have a role to play in helping to maintain a safe nursery environment and our policies have been drawn up to help protect everyone.

Please ensure that you read the Policy Document within the Parents Handbook and ensure that you fully understand the contents of the document.

Policies are reviewed regularly and amendments issued as necessary.

Health & Safety Policy – Outline

We ensure that all steps are taken to promote safety within the nursery and on outings, thus ensuring the necessary precautions are taken to prevent accidents.

To promote the good health of children, positive steps are taken to prevent the spread of infections and appropriate measures when they are ill.

An annual risk assessment is carried out by the Health and Safety Officer and the findings and recommendations are stored in the Health and Safety file.

Equal Opportunities – Outline

We recognise that our nursery is located within a multi-cultural community. This factor is always considered in each aspect of our service.

We promote equal opportunities, and welcome all who apply for entry regardless of their race, ethnic origin, gender culture or religion.

Our staff are well briefed about our equal opportunities and anti-discriminatory policies. They must demonstrate these values in their work with the children at all times.

Behaviour Management – Outline

Our staff are trained to manage a wide range of children?s behaviour in a way which promotes their welfare and development.

We aim to work with the children to enable them to develop self-discipline and self-esteem in an environment of mutual respect and encouragement.

Child Protection – Outline

As a provider of day care, we have a responsibility to safe-guard the children?s welfare. The responsibility involves recognising, recording and reporting any signs or incidents, which may harm the child?s physical and psychological well-being. All staff are trained to follow our child abuse procedures.

Settling- In Procedure

For most children, starting nursery is their first experience of being away from the comfort and reassurance of the parents/carers. It can be difficult for some but it is our intention to help all children feel at ease as soon as  possible. We do this by providing settling-in sessions (free of charge) over a 2-week period.  The first session will consist of the parent/carer staying with the child and completing the relevant induction forms.  During thisinduction you will be introduced to all staff and our policies and procedures and what we expect.  You will also discuss the settling sessions with the manager/key person that will be suited around you and your child?s needs.

Home Visits

It is our policy to visit the children at home before they enter Nursery, where possible. It is additional to our settling in policy provided for all children. During the visit, time is taken to find out about the child?s likes, dislikes and interests, visits are not to judge parent/carers parenting skills, but to offer parent/carers the opportunity to ask questions and gather any information needed from staff to support the transition

Illness and Medicines

If your child has a doubtful rash, sore throat, diarrhoea, high temperature, discharge from either eyes or nose, have been sick during the twenty four hours prior to coming to the nursery, please keep him/her at home until the symptoms have cleared and have been certified by the doctor to be non-contagious.

Likewise, should your child develop any of the above symptoms, you will be contacted and should make arrangements to collect your child as soon as possible.

All medicines prescribed by the doctor should be clearly labelled and handed over together with a Medication Authorisation Form to a member of staff or the manager. Please make sure that all instructions related to the dosage and frequencies of administration are clearly detailed in the Medication Authorisation Form.


In order to prevent the spread of infection and maintain cleanliness of the premises, the highest standard of hygiene is maintained in the nursery.


Children will be taken on excursions to local parks, libraries and other amenities. For outings and activities that may be chargeable, parents will be notified and permission obtained in advance. Children may be taken on outings by public transport, minibus/coach all under the supervision of qualified staff.